DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter – HD4D for GoPro Hero 4


The superb DJI Phantom 2 Multi-copter

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DJI Phantom V2 Multi-copter.

The Phantom is the best all round multi-rotor that carries the GoPro Hero 3 camera. The flying characteristics are superb and pretty much anyone can fly one of these machines. Flying is very easy with intuitive controls that just simply make sense. When in the sky the Phantom will sit exactly where you leave if, let go of the sticks and it hovers in the exact spot you left it. This is done by a very advanced flight controller and a GPS to help it hold its position. If you panic or go too far the Phantom is equipped with Return To Home (RTH) failsafe function. This brings the Phantom back to the home position when is set automatically shortly after turning on. In summary this is a great multi-rotor aircraft and is super easy to fly.

These are some of the key features of the DJI Phantom:


The high capacity, high performance 5200mAh Lithium Polymer battery offers up to 25 minutes of flight time (without gimbal). Built in intelligence provides battery capacity data, over charge/discharge protection, as well as maintenance reminders making the battery extremely safe and reliable.


Simple, practical and equipped with spring centred sticks that centre when released for automatic hovering.


Integrated battery compartment allows battery changes in a matter of seconds.


Integrated GPS auto-pilot system offers position holding, altitude lock and stable hovering allows attention to be focused on shooting the perfect video or photograph.


If the Phantom 2 and its controller disconnects during flight, the system’s failsafe protection will come to the rescue and if the signal is good enough, the Phantom 2 will return to home and land automatically at the home position.

Your options when buying from FlyBys:

Zenmuse GoPro Gimbal

A must if you are serious about high quality film and photography. This gimbal work on 3 axis and keeps the camera perfectly stable at all times. It eliminates any movements from the multi-copter and ensures a smooth, professional looking movie every time. The Zenmuse gimbal can also be moved on the tilt axis using the DJI remote controller. This gives the ability to point the GoPro straight down or at an angle to line up some shots that other can only dream of.

FPV Monitor

A monitor is great if you are taking film or photographs as you can see exactly what the GoPro see’s giving you the ability to line up the perfect shot. A small yet powerful video transmitter is attached to the Phantom and this takes a live feed from the GoPro. This signal is transmitted down to the monitor which has a built in receiver which then shows the live image on the screen. This is a very safe option as you can see the aircraft and line up the shot at the same time. You can either mount the monitor on the remote control or the most popular is to mount on a tripod.

FatShark Predator V2 FPV Goggles.

The fatshark video goggle immerse you in the action. You feel like you are actually sat in the aircraft flying around. These are great for sports flying where you want full immersion into the flying. The FatShark goggles are classed as the best you can get in the FPV community both for price and quality. They work by having a small yet powerful video transmitter attached to the Phantom. This transmits the live video feed from the GoPro. The goggles have a built in receiver and pick up this signal. This is then displayed on the twin screen in front of your eyes. The battery for the goggles in attached to the head strap so you have wire and fuss free flying.

Spare Battery

It is always great to have two batteries as one can be charging whilst you are flying with another one. The batteries are specific for the Phantom 2 and can give flight times of up to 25 minutes.

DJI IOSD (On Screen Display)

An OSD is a great addition to the DJI Phantom or Naza V2 if you are flying using either a monitor or goggles. This overlays text and images on the video you see giving you vital flight information such as:

  • Distance to home.
  • Direction to home.
  • Flight mode.
  • Battery power left.
  • GPS quality.
  • Rate of climb.

All these features enhance the safety of your flight by giving you instant reading from you aircraft of all the vital statistics. A very worthwhile addition to any DJI Phantom or Naza V2 based system.

FlyBys Build Service

At Flybys we can take the worry out of setting up your Phantom. The Phantom takes a small amount of setting up on the computer to get it to fly perfect and will also need the compass calibrating. This is all fairly straight forward and is explained in the instructions supplied. However we tweak the settings a little to our preferred mode and also complete all the soldering if you are having the FPV fitted which can be a little on the tricky side for some. We also offer a talk through when you get your Phantom with this service so it is well worth the small cost for the large peace of mind.

This is what you can expect from your new Phantom 2: