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TBS Discovery Pro Quadcopter


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Product Description

TBS Discovery Pro

The TBS Discovery Pro is world renowned for been one of the best all round Quadcopters. It looks great, it flys great and best of all it takes superb video footage thanks to its integrated GoPro camera gimbal. The airframe has many great features to ensure you get the information you need whilst keeping it all to a minimum to maximise flight times with its low weight.

This TBS Pro is FULLY BUILT AND SET UP. Any options that you choose will all be installed and fully set up. You will only need to add your batteries and fly.

Key features are:

  • Integrated brushless gimbal & control board (plug & play!)
  • Built-in camera switch (GoPro live-out and pilot’s camera)
  • Frame acts as power distribution board
  • Ready for long range FPV
  • TBS CORE (on screen display) with digital current sensor
  • Lightweight CNC aluminium gimbal
  • Custom IMU
  • Tried and proven frame design – based on the world’s most popular FPV quad!

Your options for this package are:


DJI E300 series – These are the latest motors and ESC’s from DJI and are great quality. They will over the TBS Pro perfectly and with a 5000mah 3s can give flight times of over 15 mins. They give the TBS Pro a more relaxed feel in the sky and it has nice and gentle flight characteristics. This is a great set up for all round flying.

TBS 900kv – This is the preferred set up of the professionals. You still get the superb flight characteristics yet you get a great deal more power. Ideally you want to fly these on 4s and a 4000mah give about 12mins flight time. They are a lot more responsive than the E300 series and the aircraft can move about the sky a lot faster.

FPV (First Person View)

Fatshark Predator V2 video googles – Video goggles are fantastic when you want to be fully immersed into the flying of you aircraft. You really feel as if you are sat in it flying about the sky. The goggles get rid of any distractions and let you concentrate on what matters, the flying. The complete set it fitted to your aircraft and includes the FatShark 250mW video transmitter and Fatshark 600TVL camera.

Monitor – The monitor is a diversity monitor which means it has two antennas and will switch between them to find the best possible signal. This gives you better range with you video signal. The monitor is more suited to those who wish to concentrate on the video and photography aspect rather than be immersed in “sports” flying. With the monitor you can look at the aircraft and see what the camera see’s at the same time. This is by far the safest way of lining up that perfect shot.

Radio control

FrSky Taranis – This is by far the most popular radio control set in the FPV community. It has endless programming opportunities and provides fantastic range. Using the X8R receiver this gives you up to 2.5kms range on the TBS Pro. It is a not a “first time” radio as the programming functions are fairly advanced. However once set up it is amazing.

Futaba T8J – Futaba has been the No.1 radio set in the world of RC planes and helicopters for over 50 years and is simply the best you can get. The radio is very easy to program and user friendly. Range is about 1.6kms. Futaba build quality is the best you can get and will last you for many years.


PLEASE NOTE: Build time is approx 7-14 days from order as each one is built from new for each customer (DJI Phantoms are normally around 7 days). Each system we sell is fully build, set up, test flown and ready to use. This ensures you have the best possible experience with your new system. Build times can be extended during times of bad weather as we are unable to test fly in those conditions.