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ULTIMATE FPV 250 Racing Quad


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Product Description

The ultimate in 250 class racing quads has arrived at FlyBys.

UPDATED FRAME – We are now using the EMAX NightHawk frames / EMAX motors / EMAX ESC’s. Please see the pictures for the new frame.

This is a super tough a very agile 250 sized racing quad. We have flown these extensively over past 12-18 months and out of all 250 sized quads have found these to be the best. We have flown these indoors in car parks and outside round woodland courses and nothing can touch them. The same 250 won Drone Day 2015 up here in Yorkshire with Liam Baker at the controls.

The 250 comes fully set up and ready to fly. All you need to do is add FPV and an RX. However if you do not have these we can add that for you too.

These quad have been set up to be nice and steady in normal mode, flip like crazy in another mode and full on manual flying for crazy fast racing so you can build up your skills slowly without the risk of crashing all the time. Saying that the worst thing that happens is a broken prop!!! We have flown these full speed in to walls and come out with x2 broken props. THEY ARE VERY TOUGH!!!

If you want the BEST in 250 class racing this is certainly it. No messing, just get out there and fly.

Comes with:

  • 250 carbon frame
  • Naze32 controller
  • 5×4 props (choose your colour)
  • 2300kv motors (new black coloured ones)
  • 12amp escs


FPV (First Person View)

Fatshark Predator V2 video googles – Video goggles are fantastic when you want to be fully immersed into the flying of you aircraft. You really feel as if you are sat in it flying about the sky. The goggles get rid of any distractions and let you concentrate on what matters, the flying. The complete set it fitted to your aircraft and includes the FatShark 250mW video transmitter and Fatshark 600TVL camera.

Monitor – The monitor is a diversity monitor which means it has two antennas and will switch between them to find the best possible signal. This gives you better range with you video signal. The monitor is more suited to those who wish to concentrate on the video and photography aspect rather than be immersed in “sports” flying. With the monitor you can look at the aircraft and see what the camera see’s at the same time. This is by far the safest way of lining up that perfect shot.

FPV CAM / VTX – We also offer the Fatshark FPV cam and the ImmersionRC 600mW VTX as an option if you already have an FPV set up.

Radio control

FrSky Taranis – This is by far the most popular radio control set in the FPV community. It has endless programming opportunities and provides fantastic range. Using the X8R receiver this gives you up to 2.5kms range on the TBS Pro. It is a not a “first time” radio as the programming functions are fairly advanced. However once set up by our team it is amazing.

FrSky RX –  You can also opt for the RX only option where we will an RX to suit your radio set up. We use the FrSky RX’s but these can be used on Futaba and Spektrum. THIS IS ONLY FOR IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN RADIO CONTROL.

Charger / Lipos

The Imax charger – We offer the superb Imax 12v charger. This quickly and safely charges your lipos ready for you to fly. A 1300 3s takes about 15 mins to charge. We also offer a set of x4 1300 3s lipos to get you up in the air flying straight away. These are what we use and you will get the best all round performance with these lipos.


This video below is our local team flying in a carpark.

PLEASE NOTE: These are ALWAYS build to each customers specification. As such build time is around 7-10 working days after the date of purchase.

Additional Information

Radio Control

No thanks, Yes please – Taranis inc RX, FrSky RX

FPV First Person View

No thanks, FPV Cam and VTX, FPV Goggles set, FPV Monitor set

Lipos and Charger

No thanks, Charger, x4 1300 3s and charger